Monday, October 25, 2010


mirrors in public places
random assortments of junk
people being people
old people accepting change
Kids Discovering new things
my mom
clouds lights random hanging globes :)
I like other things too. reflections.
I didnt drink much even though I had photos I wanted to remember the night :)
and then nap. or die we werent sure if he was dead. like Im gonna go check his pulse? haha
mostly just people letting their inner freak come out and play
11 pm
9 pm
Some are not

Some are friendly
the people you see when you drink :)
the results of massive amounts of people drinking :)
strange places to eat and drink
and drinking
and my girlfriend eating
especially shady mexican food
And Food...
When I say a lot I mean ALOT!
I take a lot of photos of US
I have always loved leica cameras
I have always loved film In a love hate sort of way

I have been reading a lot
I have been looking for intelligent work to view
I have been shooting more film than I have in 10 years

Monday, December 21, 2009

First post!! el rey theatre 12/18/09

First post technically and one of the reasons I have decided to post a blog on my website, as well as the redesign of the website itself.

I went to a show a couple of nights ago in West LA the El Rey specifically to see a client of mine play.

aos small
art of shock very much a sunset strip hair metal revival band but one hell of a show they put on

"Best Unsigned Bands of LA" was the title and IT TOTALLY lived up to the name.

Autobody had a great sound, I mean really great considering they were all in high school.

autobody small

I mean seriously, a great sound. 3 different singers with totally different sounds.

autobody small (1)

This guy was lead vocals for most songs; he was maybe 16, had a lot of character in his voice...sounded like a 45 yr old veteran rock vocalist.

autobody small (2)

This kid had a voice somewhere between Woody Allen and Ray Charles and played the bass like it was acoustic. I totally loved it.

The main event for me was...


tommy peacock small
I even shot in color!!

As soon as they walked on stage I seriously ran to the stage and started shooting. Raw energy from Tommy, it was like nothing I have ever seen. I found a new favorite band.

tommy peacock11 small

I am not just kissing ass

tommy peacock112 small (1)

These guys were nuts.

I even shot a SHORT video on my canon 5d MKII iso 6400 never looked so good

Billy Boy on Poison was great btw.

I will be posting here a lot.

hope you are all well
Daniel Kagle

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