Monday, December 21, 2009

First post!! el rey theatre 12/18/09

First post technically and one of the reasons I have decided to post a blog on my website, as well as the redesign of the website itself.

I went to a show a couple of nights ago in West LA the El Rey specifically to see a client of mine play.

aos small
art of shock very much a sunset strip hair metal revival band but one hell of a show they put on

"Best Unsigned Bands of LA" was the title and IT TOTALLY lived up to the name.

Autobody had a great sound, I mean really great considering they were all in high school.

autobody small

I mean seriously, a great sound. 3 different singers with totally different sounds.

autobody small (1)

This guy was lead vocals for most songs; he was maybe 16, had a lot of character in his voice...sounded like a 45 yr old veteran rock vocalist.

autobody small (2)

This kid had a voice somewhere between Woody Allen and Ray Charles and played the bass like it was acoustic. I totally loved it.

The main event for me was...


tommy peacock small
I even shot in color!!

As soon as they walked on stage I seriously ran to the stage and started shooting. Raw energy from Tommy, it was like nothing I have ever seen. I found a new favorite band.

tommy peacock11 small

I am not just kissing ass

tommy peacock112 small (1)

These guys were nuts.

I even shot a SHORT video on my canon 5d MKII iso 6400 never looked so good

Billy Boy on Poison was great btw.

I will be posting here a lot.

hope you are all well
Daniel Kagle

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